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About Us

Green Plates ™ is a leading vendor of environment friendly disposable instruments since 2009, focusing on products made of Palm tree leafs - 100% recyclable.

Our mission is the deliver a reasonably priced disposable items that are perishable and ecological without neglecting the product design and quality.

One touch of Green Plates ™ tableware lets you know it was handmade of quality natural palm tree leafs and with minimum use of energy consuming machines.

Rather its plates, bowls, cups or trays – we got it Green.

With Plastic tableware being outlawed as an environment hazardous element in some countries already, we ofer our worldwide business partners with a way to expand their reach and gain new market shares.

Please refer to our Green Plates ™ product catalog.
Our staff will be happy to assist and answer any question you may have.

Our team will be happy to help you with any questions

You can find us by e-mail

phone - +972 46276144


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